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Hex-A-Hot™ Hot Packaged Food Hexagon Built To Wrap A Column – Three Levels – HXH7263-TD

The Atlantic Food Bars HXH-TD Series Hex-A-Hot Three-Level Hot Packaged Food Hexagon allows you to create more impulse sales and grow your hot food program with 1, 2 or 3 levels, featuring guaranteed temperature maintenance! If you have a store column, we can build a hexagon in two pieces to wrap the column and turn the previously unusable area into additional valuable selling space in your store! The recessed base provides a perfect space for cross merchandising opportunities where our customers have created imaginative ways to show complementary products. Create more impulse sales, and grow your hot food program in a small footprint. Based upon hourly and daily traffic patterns, you can utilize lighting controls and infinite temperature controls for each individual hot deck, controlling shrink, while maximizing merchandising impact. This shop-around case is ideal, not just for rotisserie chicken, but for all packaged foods – sandwiches, ribs, entrees, sides and more. Turn off the heat during slow periods to merchandise dry goods. If you are selling hot food full service, you won’t believe the profitability of this self service unit due to reduced labor costs, convenience for shoppers, higher sales and lower shrink.



  • Atlantic’s exclusive top heat and light system provides full coverage heat, reduced maintenance costs and brilliant illumination on each level which attracts shoppers’ attention and builds impulse sales.
  • The industry’s most reliable and maintenance-free bottom heat system
  • User friendly control package with digital thermostatic temperature controls for hot deck and on/off switches for top heat and lighting
  • Welded all steel construction means this case will NEVER let you down !
  • Heavy gauge stainless steel decks are easy to clean
  • Easily accessible controls hidden in base behind access door
  • Clear safety / draft shields around decks offer safety and help overcome ill effects of cross drafts
  • Plastic tag molding on all levels offers simplicity in signage
  • Digital solar thermometer on EACH level
  • Stainless steel body and heavy-duty protective bumper in colors of your choice


  • Wrap-around column 2-piece design
  • Base to be powder coated in lieu of stainless steel
  • Laminated base in color of your choice in lieu of stainless steel
  • Electric feed through top of case
  • Soup wells in lieu of flat hot deck