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  • Stainless Steel Food Pans featuring Flange-Free Design on Long Sides, NSF Rounded Corners, and Finger Tabs for Easy Removal

  • Island Salad Bar with CO2 Refrigeration, Custom Stainless Steel Pans and Refrigerated Salad Dressing Bottle Holder End – ISB14868-CO2-ELP-FPR-RBD-VH

  • Mobile Salad and Olive Bar with Air Overflow Refrigeration – MRM6044-AOF

  • Narrow Air Underflow Refrigerated Island Salad & Olive Bar – CISB7352

  • Custom Flange-Free Stainless Steel Meat Pans featuring NSF Radius Corners

  • Standard and Custom Cold and Hot Food Display Equipment – If You Can Imagine It, Atlantic Food Bars Can Build It