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Atlantic Food Bars builds more shapes, sizes & varieties of island salad & olive bars than any other manufacturer. Only Atlantic offers guaranteed temperature maintenance and the industry’s longest warranties. View our cold food merchandisers!

  • Island Soup, Salad and Hot Food Bar Built To Wrap A Column – ISHFB13070 SW7054

  • Island Salad Bar with CO2 Refrigeration, Custom Stainless Steel Pans and Refrigerated Salad Dressing Bottle Holder End – ISB14868-CO2-ELP-FPR-RBD-VH

  • Narrow Island Salad and Olive Bar with End Container Shelf – Estate Series – ISBN17838-ECS-ES

  • Estate Series Island Hot Food and Salad Bar with Soup End – ISHFB15663-SBE

  • Narrow Island Salad Bar with Tray Slide and Refrigerated End Pan Rails – ISBN8744-SPR2-TS

  • Mobile Salad and Olive Bar with Air Overflow Refrigeration – MRM6044-AOF

  • Island Salad Bar with Soup’s On End Cap Soup Merchandiser – ISB14267 SOG6529-EN

  • Narrow Air Underflow Refrigerated Island Salad & Olive Bar – CISB7352

  • Custom Nantucket – Combination Double-Sided Island with Hot Packaged Food Over Hot Bulk Food, Hot Soup and Salad Bar – INAN-SB-SB144

  • Standard and Custom Cold and Hot Food Display Equipment – If You Can Imagine It, Atlantic Food Bars Can Build It