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One-Sided 3 Level Refrigerated Olive Bar – BILR7138

The Atlantic Food Bars BILR Series 3 Level Refrigerated Olive Bar merchandises TWICE AS MUCH food as a standard one level one-sided bar. It exceeds the capacity of our 2 Level BILR-LP by 33% IN THE SAME FOOTPRINT. The vertical “waterfall” design makes for an enhanced display that attracts your shoppers’ attention and builds impulse sales. The Atlantic Food Bars air overflow refrigeration system keeps your food cold and fresh and if you order self-contained refrigeration, this is a simple plug & play – no contractor needed. It is available in lengths from 48” to 16’ long. Our “No-Visible-Means-Of-Support” Sneezeguard offers optimal visibility and convenience. This sneezeguard is made with scratch resistant tempered glass. Brilliant LED illumination on every level shows off the food and makes it visible from 100 feet away. Our built in container shelf in the body maximize merchandising space. Upgrade the base model with options such as a front extension kit for additional counter space or a salad dressing storage and display template to keep your bottles organized and neat.

Our 2 Level BILR Series Refrigerated Olive Bar is low profile, while still offering you a way to merchandise 50% MORE olives and antipasto and salad bar items in a linear footprint compared to a standard one-sided salad or olive bar.



  • Super cold remote NSF7 air overflow design refrigeration system keeps food fresh & cold and health departments happy
  • Heavy 14 gauge 304 stainless steel countertop
  • FULLY welded stainless steel construction is designed to last FOREVER !
  • Brilliant interior lighting enhances food display
  • No-visible-means-of-support sneezeguard design is fully polished edge tempered glass with torsion hardware on angled side glass – stays in place when you let go at any angle – convenient and safe
  • Convenient shelf in body offers organized space for food containers, utensils and cross merchandising opportunities for snack foods
  • Solar powered digital thermometer makes it easy to monitor temperatures
  • Each level has templates to hold 2” deep stainless steel pans – pan layout is flexible and maximizes merchandising per square foot
  • Built-in sign track for neat, organized product labeling – eliminates shoppers’ confusion
  • Body & bumper available in stainless steel or colors of your choice
  • Includes custom sign package


  • Notched shelf accommodates salad dressing bottles – includes pan, template & 6 Stor n’ Pour bottles
  • Front extension kit includes wide front counter and deeper container shelf – adds 5” to the depth of case
  • Clear end panels provide visibility from all angles
  • Self-contained refrigeration allows plug & play operation
  • Laminated steel body in color or woodgrain to match your store décor
  • Powder coated steel body in any color to match your store décor, or other cases
  • Custom stainless steel food pans with square corners or NSF approved rounded corner, slanted or vertical sides – pans in flange-free design – any size, shape and depth – shows off your food like not other salad bar PLUS increases capacity of the case
  • Laminated steel body in color or woodgrain to match your store décor
  • Powder coated steel base to match your adjacent cases and store decor
  • LED Lights in lieu of fluorescent
  • Electric feed through top of case
  • Match your case lineup height