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Combination Full Service Chicharrones, Carnitas, Fried Chicken and Other Wet/Dry Hot Bulk Food Over Self Service Cold Merchandiser – ILRTTN10048-CSTM

The Atlantic Food Bars ILRTTN Series offers multiple merchandisers in 1 with a top level of full-service chicharrones, carnitas, fried chicken and other wet/dry hot bulk food over two lower levels of self service cold packaged food, allowing you to get twice as much food display in your valuable in-line footprint. Hot section shown with custom grease catcher, jewelry style top and tempered glass divider panel to separate wet section for carnitas from dry section for chicharrones and fried chicken. Hot section features top & bottom heat to keep your food looking fresh and inviting, and only Atlantic Food Bars guarantees temperature maintenance! You tell us the size, and we either have a standard model to meet your needs or we will design a merchandiser, to your desired size and specifications. The option for sliding rear mirrored display offers see-through visibility to employees and a beautiful mirrored image to the customer. Brilliant illumination shows off the food and makes it visible from 100 feet away. If you are selling cold food full service, you won’t believe the profitability of the self service portion of this unit due to reduced labor costs, convenience for shoppers, higher sales and lower shrink. An hour before the full-service food in pans becomes unsalable, package and label it and put it on the self-service shelf where it will main temperature indefinitely and offer shoppers a convenient on-the-run choice.



Full Service Wet/Dry Chicarrones, Carnitas, Fried Chicken & Other Bulk Hot Food Section – Top Level

  • Front tempered glass offers outstanding visibility of food, tilts out for easy cleaning
  • Stainless-steel hot well has consistent, corner-to-corner heat – displays full size
  • 12” x 20” x 2-1/2” pans
  • Top heat provides brilliant illumination and outstanding temperature maintenance
  • Sliding, mirrored rear doors showcase food to shoppers from over 200 feet away, magnify lighting and enable your employees to better monitor food
  • Includes 3” tall sign track and custom signs in color and menu items of your choice
  • Infinite top & bottom heat controls
  • Meets all health department requirements – temperature maintenance GUARANTEED!

Self Service Packaged Cold Food Section – Bottom Levels

  • Brilliant interior lighting
  • Two levels of merchandising with slanted shelf create optimal food display
  • Laminated steel body and heavy- duty protective bumper in colors of your choice
  • Meets all health department requirements – temperature maintenance GUARANTEED!


  • #4 satin finish stainless steel body in lieu of plastic laminated body
  • Clear view ends for maximum visibility from all sides
  • Self contained refrigeration system
  • LED lighting with radiant heat in top section
  • LED lighting in refrigerated section
  • Electric feed through top of case
  • Jewelry style top glass
  • Custom grease catcher
  • Tempered glass divider panel to separate hot sections for wet and dry merchandising – sell carnitas, chicarrones, fried chicken & more from the same case