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Convertible Hot / Cold and Full / Self Service Hot Food and Salad Bar – In-Line with Soup Station – HCCSFB15640 SW4840

The Atlantic Food Bars HCCSFB Series Convertible Hot / Cold and Full / Self Service Hot Food and Salad Bar allows you to change your merchandising format based upon the time of day, traffic patterns and food – go from hot to cold merchandising and self to full service merchandising with ease. The sneezeguard easily slides under the top for self-service mode – no tools required! Always maximize your merchandising – regardless of whether you are selling bulk hot food like wings and entrees, or bulk cold food like salad and olives. The latest technology allows you to convert from heated to refrigerated in the same footprint, eliminating the need for a secondary case.



  • Infinite & individual controls on top and bottom heat of each well keeps food fresh and health departments happy
  • Heavy 14 gauge 304 stainless steel countertop
  • Brilliant interior lighting enhances food display
  • 6 convertible hot/cold 12” x 20” food wells
  • Full length convertible full / self-service frameless tempered glass sneezeguard
  • Full glass top on sneezeguard
  • Full length radiant top heat for use when food pans are hot
  • Full length LED lighting
  • Front container and merchandising shelf
  • Solar powered digital thermometer makes it easy to monitor temperatures
  • Body & bumper available in stainless steel or colors of your choice
  • Includes custom sign package in colors and text of your choice


  • Solid surface countertop
  • Granite countertop
  • Entire body to be #4 satin finish stainless steel in lieu of steel with plastic laminate covering
  • Flip-down poly work shelves in rear
  • Refrigerated slanted end pan rail
  • Solid surface countertop
  • Granite Countertop
  • Custom stainless steel food pans with square corners or NSF approved rounded corner, slanted or vertical sides – pans in flange-free design – any size, shape and depth – shows off your food like no other hot food bar