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Hexagon Island Soup Bars featuring Overhead Lighted Canopy – SBHX

Make your Soup offerings a self-service profit center with Atlantic Food Bars SBHX Series Hexagon Island Soup Bars! Shown with and without overhead lighted canopy. Endless features, options & customizations mean you can build the perfect hot and/or cold merchandiser tailor-made to your foodservice operations. You tell us the size, and we will show you our standard size models or design a soup bar to your desired length (to within 1/16”). Our merchandisers offer standard 11QT wet/dry wells, optional autofill wells, or optional magnetic induction warming wells to meet your needs for serviceability and cleaning, while GUARANTEEING temperature maintenance. Our base model includes individual controls on EACH soup well – 7QT or 11QT. Create an upscale look with a standard solid surface or optional granite countertop.



  • Individual controls on each well keeps soup fresh and health departments happy
  • Wet or dry operation on soup wells
  • Individual drains and valves on each soup well
  • Stainless steel countertop
  • Stainless steel body
  • Hidden controls in base
  • Complete stainless steel pan & utensil package including upgraded soup lids, stainless steel insets & ladles
  • Built-in cup dispensers
  • Built in napkin dispensers


  • Single sided NSF approved sneeze guard
  • Magnetic induction soup warming wells offer energy savings, reduced maintenance costs and finite temperature control with 2 year parts warranty
  • Autofill soup wells
  • Granite or solid surface countertop
  • Laminated steel body in color or woodgrain to match your store décor
  • Powder coated steel base to match your adjacent cases and store decor
  • Substitute 7QT for 11QT soup wells
  • Additional warming well(s) in back row
  • Built in dry bins for condiments
  • Built in spoon holders
  • Overhead signage
  • Custom length
  • Square, rectangular, oval, circular or hexagonal format
  • Refrigerated canopy for cold soup and other cold packaged food
  • Stepped refrigerated grab & go end
  • 18” deep chowder station
  • End-cap, island or in-line
  • Built to abut and match existing equipment profile