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Combination Hot and Cold Packaged Food Case – HCI7872

The Atlantic Food Bars HCI Series double sided case is ideal for heated and refrigerated grab & go sandwiches, salads, fruit, sides, and beverages. If you are selling hot and cold food full service, you won’t believe the profitability of this self service unit due to reduced labor costs, convenience for shoppers, higher sales and lower shrink. Create more impulse sales and grow your hot and cold grab & go program! Maximize merchandising impact with optional clear end panels to provide visibility from all angles.



  • 3 levels of hot food on each side
  • 4 refrigerated levels on each side
  • Laminated steel body and heavy duty protective bumper in colors of your choice
  • High output heat element in deck provides consistent heat and unmatched reliability
  • Infinite top and bottom heat controls
  • Tempered glass end draft control panels
  • Hidden controls in base
  • Heavy-duty casters
  • Sign track on every level
  • Custom sign package


  • Self contained refrigeration
  • Curved profile
  • Low profile
  • Tall profile
  • Entire body to be #4 satin stainless steel finish in lieu of laminated steel
  • Front mounted controls (for single-sided cases)
  • Additional hot shelf with heat lamps (maximum of 1)
  • Additional cold shelf with lighting (maximum of 1)
  • Electric feed through top of case