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Multi-Function Modular Mobile Merchandiser – Seafood Filleting / Clam Bar / Iced Produce / Dry Goods – transforMerchandiser – MIT4836M-HCKT-MCKT-MCB

The Atlantic Food Bars MIT-M Series Multi-Function Modular Mobile Merchandisers – shown with fish filleting kit, half-canopy kit and modular clam bar kit with dry grab & go shelves. The transforMerchandiser™ System offers a revolutionary way to increase sales per square foot, add excitement and spontaneity to your departments, and increase ROI on equipment cost by taking advantage of the interchangeable kit system which performs the function of 30 different pieces of equipment in 1 single unit (and growing)! The purchase of a single base unit allows you to roll the merchandiser into multiple departments and fit it with different kits to sell everything from dry bakery goods to floral items to produce to oysters to meat to smoothies to fresh iced seafood to bagged clams to crab meat to mussels, anywhere in your store, with a variety of self-service, full-service & combination service configurations. No tools required! The purchase of any component of The transforMerchandiser™ System includes a 10-Year Leak-Proof Guarantee on the stainless steel liner, a Lifetime Guarantee on the welded stainless-steel frame and body, a Lifetime Guarantee on protection against sweating, and a Lifetime Guarantee against system obsolescence.



  • Adjustable tilting profile beautifully displays food and assures proper drainage
  • Corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel liner
  • Insulation eliminates sweating
  • Welded stainless steel legs with heavy duty casters
  • Built-in welded drains

Accessory Kits

  • Self-Service Kit
  • Full-Service Kit
  • Canopy Kit
  • Half-Canopy Kit
  • Oyster Shucking Station Kit
  • Meat Cutting Kit
  • Smoothie Kit
  • Sausage Grinding Kit
  • Square Dry Step Kit
  • Rectangular Dry Step Kit
  • Pyramid Dry or Iced Kit
  • Chef Demo Mirror Kit
  • Mobile Clam Bar with Dry Shelving
  • Sneezeguard to convert to Sandwich Prep
  • Clam Bar Kit
  • Corner Dry Merchandising Kit
  • 3-Level Dry Shelf Kit
  • Deep Ledge Kit
  • Dry Hanging Display Box Kit
  • Trash Bin Kit
  • Cutting Board Drop Shelf Kit
  • Drop Shelf Kit
  • Cutting Board with Integral Wrap Paper Roll Holder
  • Scale Stand Kit
  • Skirt Kit
  • Extension Shelf with Storage Area
  • Knife Rack Kit
  • Paper Towel Kit
  • Removable Step Kit