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Refrigerated Dry Aged Beef Case – ABC5039

The Atlantic Food Bars Refrigerated Dry Aged Beef Case upscales your merchandising efforts and creates restaurant-quality perception. Only Atlantic offers the flexibility of self contained or remote refrigeration, 2 or 3 adjustable shelves, front or rear load access, beautiful LED accent lighting visible from 100 feet away, and optional doubled-paned tempered glass end panels for full visibility from every angle of your retail operation.

Available in standard and custom sizes from 4′ to 10′, our ABC Series GUARANTEES temperature maintenance and keeps your food looking fresh and inviting. The base model includes all stainless steel construction with our super cold gravity coil refrigeration system. Hinged locking glass doors can be located on any side for employee or customer access. Each solid end can be modified to feature glass end views.



  • All stainless steel body construction
  • Front glass doors
  • Two end glass panes provide clear visibility from all angles
  • Super cold self-contained gravity coil refrigeration system
  • Includes base plus 2 adjustable shelves, offering outstanding product visibility and access
  • Brilliant LED interior lighting


  • Additional adjustable shelf (for 4 total levels – base plus three shelves)
  • Substitute remote refrigeration in lieu of self contained system
  • Two end glass walls
  • Eliminate one of two end glass walls
  • Second seet of glass doors for back of case
  • Single side glass door and full front glass pane in lieu of double glass front doors and single glass side panel
  • Powder coated or laminated finish to match your adjacent cases and store decor
  • Fixed front glass and rear hinged glass doors
  • 6″T leg base