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  • In-Line Refrigerated Olive and Salad Bar with Flat Pan Rail – SB7236N7

  • End Cap Low-Profile 2 Level Refrigerated Olive Bar – BILR7235-LP

  • One-Sided 3 Level Refrigerated Olive Bar – BILR7138

  • Custom Nantucket – Combination Double-Sided Island with Hot Packaged Food Over Hot Bulk Food, Hot Soup and Salad Bar – INAN-SB-SB144

  • Estate Series Narrow Island Hot Food Bar with Soup End and Multi-Deck Hot Packaged Food End – IHFBN12240 SW4035 WRGCL4134-AS

  • Refrigerated Cheese Display Case – Customized Low-Profile Multi-Deck Grab & Go Merchandiser – ILR

  • Shop Around Hot Rotisserie Chicken Grab and Go Merchandiser – One Level – IHH6353

  • Full Service Hot Food Bar – SHFB12040

  • Custom Flange-Free Stainless Steel Meat Pans featuring NSF Radius Corners

  • Hot Grab & Go Food and Soup Station – Low Profile Baby Wrangler Giant with 6-Well Soup Bar – WRGCL9637 SW6030

  • Double Sided Low Profile Multi-Deck Hot Grab and Go Chicken Case – Baby Wrangler Giant – WRGCL5060D

  • Low Profile Hot Grab and Go Chicken Case – 4-Shelf Baby Wrangler Giant – Estate Series Island with Matching Multi-Deck Refrigerated Case and Soup Bar – WRGCL6534-ES MDR6534-ES SW6530-ES